College of Health Sciences (CHS) is currently working towards its mission of advancing health through customer driven health services, quality education, and innovative research. It has envisioned to become second-to-none for quality in medical and health sciences services and education in Africa. The college has so far gained tremendous achievements in its core activities-teaching, research and community services. With yearly enrollment capacity of more than 600 students in its undergraduate and post graduate programs, the college of health sciences has been striving a lot to diversify its academic programs. It has 61 programs with 20 under graduate and 30 post graduates including 10 specialty two PhD and two subspecialty programs.

The overall objective of CHS is to address the shortage of trained human resources of the various health care sectors constituting the health care team with the required knowledge, skill and attitude that is needed to prevent, treat and promote the health and wellbeing of the public.

I. Academic Programs
The college of health sciences encompasses sixteen academic departments and each running at least one full-fledged program leading to the various accredited qualifications in medical, pharmaceutical, dental, nursing and other integrated disciplines of health sciences.
II. Research programs
Diversified  staff  profile,  fairly good equipped Biomedical and pharmaceutical laboratory facilities, the Kilite Awlaelo Health and Demographic Surveillance Site (KA-HDSS) site  &  the Ayder  specialized hospital  facilities can be taken as good opportunities to conduct research and address health related problems of the  country. Recognizing the role of health research  in  addressing  the  major  health problems  of  the  country,  the college  has  established a research and community services council  with  the major responsibilities  to  coordinate,  support  and  encourage interdisciplinary research teams across its academic departments.
III. Community Service
Ayder comprehensive specialized hospital, a 500-beded hospital, is one of the tertiary hospitals in the nation and serves as teaching hospital for more than 4,000 medical and health science students and as a referral center for about 10 million people in northern Ethiopia . The hospital has regular discussion with the public. Both the college and the hospital have received the prestigious award for the excellence of teaching and hospital service from the Ethiopian quality award organization in 2014.
IV. Community Based Education (CBE)
CBE is one of the educational philosophy in which students are learning through working in and with the community to identify common health problems, designing and implementation of possible interventions. The CBE office started its full-fledged coordination activities by the year 2013 in CHS and now it is under the university - industry linkage at the university level. To implement this the office has three strategic programs. Community Based Training Program (CBTP), Team Training Program (TTP) and Student Research Project (SRP) that enables to achieve educational relevance to the community need.

Ayder Enlightenment Forum (AEF)
This is a meaningful forum which has envisioned to become a platform for noble speeches, ideas, and experiences that inspire and motivate the people of Ethiopia in building their country through a monthly held public presentations by re-known personalities. The forum is affiliated with Mekelle University and officially launched on December 27, 2014.

School of Medicine:
The School of medicine has two divisions
Clinical division n:

Internal Medicine department
Surgery department
Pediatric and child health department
Obstetrics and gynecology department
Psychiatry department
Radiology department
Physiotherapy department
Dermatology and Venerlolgy department
Orthopedics department
Forensic medicine department
Ears, Nose and Throat (ENT) department
Ophthalmology department

Pre clinical (Biomedical) Sciences division
There is 1 undergraduate and 5 postgradate programs under this division . The departments and units are:

Pathology department
Human Anatomy, Histo-embryology
Medical Biochemistry
Human Physiology
Medical Microbiology and Immunology
Medical Parasitology and Entomology
Medical Laboratory sciences.

2. School of Public Health
There are 3 under graduate and 8 postgraduate programs under school of public health including one PhD program.. The departments in the school are:

Department of Biostatistics
Department of Epidemiology
Department of Environmental & Behavioral sciences
Department of Health Systems
Department of Nutrition and Dietetics
Department of Reproductive Health
Health Informatics and Health Care Innovation unit

3. School of Nursing
There are 5 under graduate and 5 postgraduate including two PhD programs and the units in the school are:

Adult health nursing
Maternity and reproductive nursing
Comprehensive nursing
Emergency and critical care nursing
Pediatrics and child health nursing
Psychiatric nursing

5. Department of Anesthesia
There are 2 under graduate programs under the Department post basic and generic anesthesia. The department is shouldering all clinical activities.

6. School of Pharmacy
There is 1 under graduate and 5 postgraduate Programs Under the school pharmacy and the departments are:

Department of Pharmaceutics
Department of pharmacognosy
Department of pharmaceutical analysis and quality assurance

Department of medicinal chemistry
Department of pharmacology and toxicology

Pharmacoepidemology & social pharmacy course & research team

Clinical pharmacy course and research team

7. Department of Midwifery
There is 1 under graduate and 2 postgraduate programs under the department: and the units are:

Obstetrics and gynecology
Pediatrics and neonatology
Reproductive and family planning
Research, community service and education

8. Department of Dentistry
There is 1 under graduate and 3 postgraduate programs under dentistry department; the units under the department are:

Maxillofacial surgery unit
Orthodontics unit
Endodontic unit

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