Ayder at Digital Health Week

Ayder Comprehensive Specialized Hospital, despite the horrific situation we are in, took an opportunity to participate on a global stage and raised hopeful and enlightening agendas at Digital Health Week. The stage offer from Transform Health was following an event topic “ICT Enabled Health Services: Facility Level eHealth Architecture from the ground up”  submitted by Ayder Comprehensive Specialized Hospital ICT Office. Thesession was moderated by Haftamu Kebede(Ayder ICT) and Jenniffer Shivers(OpenHIE), engaging speakers and participants from OpenHIE, OpenMRS and OpenFn/Lightening. An opening speech was delivered by Dr. Amanuel Haile(Tigray Regional Health Bureau Head) followed by a keynote speaker, Dr. Kibrom Gebreselasie(Chief Executive Director). Head on to replay the session recorded video here. Our honored guest, Jennifer Shivers, has compiled the discussion points during the session. See bellow:

Keynote speaker    - Dr. Kibrom Gebreselasie

It is important to recognize the value of data.  Challenges include medication expiration and supply chain challenges that cause patients to search for their medication.  Other challenges include finding experts (opthamologists and others) who are available in your area of the country.  Ensuring the continuity of care is also a challenge.  The emergency response system is also challenged.  


Once we start documenting that will help us get appropriate information and develop proper guidelines.  There are opportunities to use digital technology to educate people in a proper way.  

There are major challenges to overcome as we work toward using digital solutions to help with our health challenges.  


Sustainability, policy and other challenges.  A systematic approach is needed as we work to solve these challenges.  A lot of work is required to leverage digital health solutions.  


Ayder eHA - Directions to maturity   -  Mr. Haftamu Kebede

Ayder is one of the largest hospitals and we have just begun working on the architecture.  We have drafted the roadmap for ICT.  The roadmap had a comment period and comments were incorporated.  The readmap is being shared this week to start a culture to help us to begin the change and to see how Ayder contributes to the global agenda despite the current challenges.  


The roadmap is designed to improve ICT by aligning siloed ICT efforts and capitalize on institutional partner support.  The process of roadmapping was important.  To develop the roadmap, there were multiple maturity models used to support the uniqueness of the context which includes both health information systems and academic systems.   

OpenHIE Architecture  - Ms. Jennifer Shivers 


OpenHIE is a community-based process for identifying data exchange patterns and standards.  The Ayder architecture is aligned with the OpenHIE architecture.  The architecture supports data exchange for caring for patients, population health and health system management.  


EMR Use Slides (all 4 presentations)

OpenMRS: The OpenMRS EMR Model   - Ms. Grace Potma, Director of Product

OpenMRS is a global community.  Grace shared a case study on how OpenMRS worked in the past.  OpenMRS 3.x is a new framework approach that allows countries to more fully leverage community assets in ways that work well on tablets and support many different types of care.  One of the new features is that a specific cohort of providers can configure the interface for themselves using a micro front-end approach. This approach allows use of widgets to configure for a specific care area like HIV.  There is a form builder that allows you to build your via a user interface with several options.  

There are community resources including talk that allow developers and other community members to contribute to the solutions.  

Questions about integration.  

One challenge that the OpenMRS community needs to watch is the history of siloed thinking that might come with the need to customize.  But there need to be guard rails to help with sharing and think about maintaining and sustainability.  Working together is key to being able to pool resources.  

OpenMRS: Our Collaboration Model & Community Support  - Ms. Jen Antilla, Director of Community

OpenMRS implementations and the community are scaling.  OpenMRS is an OpenSource Community and the code is freely available.  The community focuses on building and maintaining software and the concept dictionary and the 3.0 widgets.  15 organizations are contributing to key community roles.  

Experience supporting moving from SmartCare to OpenMRS (30 minutes) - Grace Potma with thanks to Dagim Haile

The Ethiopia ICAP team and OMRS came together to work toward learning about  to OpenMRS 3.  OpenMRS HIV Reference Implementation (OHRI) is a tool supported by CDC, PEPFAR and Ethiopia CDC.  The team worked on different widgets like the calendar widget to help support specific contextual needs.  In two weeks, they were able to create a layout for the patient chart.  

Data migration from SmartCare to OpenMRS is a big project.  The team worked on evaluating the data models and mapping the migration process.  

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