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The training center is part of Mekelle University, College of Health Sciences, and it was established in 2004 E.C.

Mission: To advance the quality of health care service through impactful Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Training.

Vision:To make the training center the leading and self-sustaining Center of Excellence in In-service training and consultancy services by the year 2025 G.C.

Professional Integrity: We strive for high level of professionalism and keep our integrity.

Excellence in services: What we always work is to achieve excellence in our service.

Trust: We ensure maximum openness and integrity to each other.

Customers first: We are here for nothing but to serve and satisfy our customers and we treat them as we would like to be treated.

Commitments: No matter what challenges we face and discomforts we feel, we stand firm, be patient and exert our utmost and sustained effort to achieve our goals.

Collaboration: We work together in sprit of mutual support and understanding to achieve our collective goals.

Change: We innovate new ways of doing things and be open minded to reforms.


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Scope of the CPD training center
The training center is proactively work to improve health care provider’s skills, knowledge & attitude through updated & relevant training that would enable them for relicensed for all health institution of Tigray and beyond.

CPD Provider
The roles and responsibilities of MU-CHS-CPD provider

  • Develop and provide need based CPD courses.
  • Designate a course coordinator for each CPD course and assign facilitators.
  • Meet agreed educational quality requirements in course design and delivery.Select qualified and experienced trainers.
  • Take responsibility in terms of leadership and organization for CPD activities in their respective organization.
  • Publicize the proposed CPD courses together with their CEUs.
  • Revise and amend courses as needed.
  • Issue an attendance certificate
  • Prepare and send periodic CPD activity to the respected bodies.
  • Keep a record that reflects completion of activity.
  • M & E all the training activities.
  • The roles and responsibilities of MU-CHS-CPD Accreditor

CPD Accreditor
The roles and responsibilities of MU-CHS-CPD Accreditor

  • Review applications for the provision of CPD activities and send the pre-accredited documents for approval.
  • Review new manuals.
  • Revise continuing education units (CEUs) allocated.